Experts of highlighting the natural beauty of wood and sustainability

Our cherished Japanese wood preservation technology, which is gaining popularity in the Western world as Yaki Sugi, came to Lithuania recently but has already gained recognition.

Our goal is to protect wood surfaces naturally and sustainably. Using this technology, we reveal the subtleties of the natural timber structure that acquires an even more original look over time. Following tradition and applying advanced charring technology, we give your home coziness and exclusivity. We have a long and successful experience in preparing materials for exterior siding, terraces, fences, and even interior elements.

All work is done in our factory near Vilnius, where charring specialists carefully supervise the work and check the quality.

Our long experience and successful projects allow us to offer the highest quality and services at a reasonable price.

Why you should choose us?

We offer experience, knowledge, and wood that you will enjoy for many years to come.

We are experts in charred wood preparation: we employ authentic Yakisugi Japanese technology and wood preservation. Our work requires a great deal of attention to detail: we are precise, responsible, and love our work. After all, our timber will decorate your home for many years to come.

We implement a wide range of projects: thus, we can provide examples of how our wood changes over time. We are always prepared to advise, consult, share experience, and knowledge so that you could choose the most suitable solution for your home.

DARKSIDEWOOD guarantees quality

The technology we use is time-tested and based on old traditions. Experience and lessons learned over the centuries ensure the longevity of the result and the resistance to a wide range of natural factors.

Our experts take care of the project from start to finish: we prepare the wood, burn it, brush it, and cover it with oil.

Attention to your needs, professional advice, and smart solutions

From the first consultations to the delivery of the finished wood, we listen to your wishes and answer your questions. Charred wood exterior siding and elements can serve you for decades, so we understand the importance of the solution and make the selection process enjoyable and practical.

Wood for home exteriors and interiors is often chosen for its warmth and naturalness. It is a more sustainable solution that is closer to nature. We value and cherish wood, that is why we nurture its properties and choose its application wisely so that the beauty of charred wood would decorate homes and their surroundings. If you have any questions or doubts about which solution is more suitable for your home, we will be happy to show you examples so that you could see for yourself and feel which DARKSIDEWOOD technology is right for you.

Our achievements

Our accomplished projects and houses filled with coziness present us best.

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Finished projects

From Nature. Through Fire. To Elegance


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