Deginta mediena, charred accoya

Natural wood
charring processes

Long-lasting solutions that give character to facades and wooden structures
Degintas maumedis, charred larch Technology that withstands
the challenges of time and nature
Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technology corresponds to the truth that is well known in Europe: if you want to protect the wood, you have to burn it
Deginta mediena, charred wood

Guarantee of quality
and design

Natural wood elements prepared with eco-friendly technology stand out because of their durability, rich colors, extraordinary look, and quality, which speaks for itself

We strive to rediscover and popularize natural wood processing methods that give a unique look, are eco-friendly, and protect the wood itself.


Optimizing production processes, we ensure high product quality and efficiency. We can offer an exceptional product at an affordable price.


We have the longest experience in Lithuania working with this Japanese wood processing method, so our finished projects may be shown as an example of how the wood will look like over time.


Wood charring technology and the resistance it provides are often used for cladding, decking, or fences, but it is also becoming an increasingly popular choice for cozy interior spaces.

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Our natural wood charring technology not only effectively protects the wood, revealing its natural properties: color and texture, but also helps to acquire a more original look and charm over time.

DARKSIDEWOOD technology effectively protects the wood from:

  • Humidity,
  • UV rays,
  • Mold,
  • Parasites,
  • Fire (the wood becomes more fire-resistant).

DARKSIDEWOOD technology requires craftsmanship and precision. Our wide experience lets us find the most suitable solutions for your needs. To achieve the best result, we always strive to choose the right treatment methods and ensure high-quality products.


About us

DARKSIDEWOOD has mastered the natural, eco-friendly Shou Sugi Ban wood charring method. Our cherished Japanese Yakisugi wood preservation technology, which is gaining popularity in the Western world as Shou Sugi Ban, came to Lithuania recently but has already gained recognition. Our goal is to protect wood surfaces naturally and sustainably. Using this technology, we reveal the subtleties of the natural wood structure that acquires an even more original look over time. Following tradition and applying advanced charring technology, we give your home coziness and exclusivity. Our long and successful experience in Lithuania allows us to offer the highest quality and services at a reasonable price.

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