Often people chose wood for their home or other spaces because of its naturalness and warm look. But wood requires attention and carefully chosen protection. Yaki Sugi wood charring technology solves the majority concerns of looks, preservation, and maintenance.

Four principles that unite the DARKSIDEWOOD technology are:


Properly selected materials and tools are extremely important for any quality work. We focus on preparation because the charring process requires precision.


We avoid chemicals and, in this way, protect nature and preserve the naturalness of wood. Our technology allows the wood to be renewed and thus we give it a new life.


Wood treated with our technology remains resistant to harsh weather conditions, moisture, mold, pests, UV rays, and even fire. Wood does not become slippery or greasy.


This method allows you to appreciate and present the timber and its natural beauty not only in the exterior siding but also in interior solutions. We combine design and function, ensuring quality and durability.

How DARKSIDEWOOD timber is made?

The technology is adapted according to your chosen design. It all starts with the most important step in which the timber begins its journey towards your chosen design. Precise charring ensures long-term protection from the environment and makes maintenance easier.


This method is the most authentic. It testifies the truth learned over hundreds of years around the world: if you want to protect a tree, you have to burn it. The decision not to wire-brush the wood results in the most environmentally friendly finishing method with a naturally rough, enchanting black surface. Wood treated in this way does not stain, does not change color, and lasts up to 50 – 80 years.


These are the most popular DARKSIDEWOOD treatment methods: after charring, the wood surface is wire-brushed once. The coarse charred layer is brushed off, leaving a soft silky surface. The burnt grooves are subtle shades of dark brown. Covering the brushed timber with oil reveals its structure and natural beauty. Colored oils can give wood different shades.


When looking for design solutions that express history and create a unique atmosphere, you can also choose the option of aged wood. The wood surface is aged and decorated according to the pattern chosen by you or the designer. The work of experienced craftsmen will help to create a unique product that will transfer its warmth to your interior.

Charred wood maintenance

After assessing all the advantages of charred wood and, in particular, its longevity, it is important to keep in mind that the key here is proper maintenance: it will allow the wood to last for at least 50 years. To preserve color and durability, we need to devote some time to all wooden surfaces. However, DARKSIDEWOOD wood technology will protect you from constant labor-intensive and unpleasant renovations.

To preserve the color and properties of charred wood over time, the oil layer must be renewed:

  • For vertical wood surfaces (fences, exterior siding) it is recommended to renew the oil layer every 4-5 years.
  • Due to the increased use of the surface, it is recommended to renew the oil layer for horizontal wood surfaces (terraces) every 2 years.

Such maintenance will not require significant investment and will not cause inconvenience. Oil layer renewal is easy and convenient to plan with other routine renewal work.

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